Visit our shopping areas on the promenade ring and browse through the offers

Clubs & Bars

Enjoy our numerous bars and clubs. Our shops offer numerous drinks and cocktails

Rentable rooms

Rentable rooms for your own private use. As a material warehouse or vacation spot

Hotspots on Aspari Lago

Promenade ring

The promenade ring is the best point on Aspari. Wonderful views and many shops offering everything your heart desires

Docking for aircraft

Aspari offers docking areas for many types of flying machines

Harbor for boats

Aspari offers a harbor for boats and a quick and easy way to get to the promenade ring.

Easy to Warp

You can warp from anywhere in Slimempire to Aspari. Simply enter "/ Warp aspari"

Cost of the rent

Our rooms have different rental rates

Center Shop


/5 Days

Promenade Ring Shop


/5 Days

Flats & Apartments


/30 Days