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Imagine Parris Campbell Jersey , a football league where every player immediately gets drafted by the town that they are from, or closest to. No Tom Brady in New England, and no Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau. Every organization that is set today, may have a completely different history then they have now. Teams who have never won a Super Bowl in history, may have multiple, while other teams who have a lot of success may not have any. The league may be in a different position than it is right now.There are many hometown players that have wanted to play for their hometown team Will Harris Jersey , but many times it doesn't happen. Sometimes it does, but it's more rare for it to happen. Teams don't look to see where a player is from to accommodate them, but to see what they're going to bring to that team and if it fits what that team is trying to do. Teams draft and sign players based off of their skill level and how they fit the team's needs.You'd be shocked to see what NFL stars relocate to different teams. Some of your favorite teams, may no longer be your favorite teams. The hometown heroes go back to their home, and play for the team that represents their home. So, forget about everything you know about the NFL , and imagine a league where every NFL player, plays for their hometown.Here are The 15 Best NFL Teams If Current Players Played For Their Hometowns: The 2018 NFL regular season is not yet over, as of the typing of this sentence, but it’s a safe bet that some franchises out of the playoff hunt are already thinking about which free agents will become available once the new league year opens. At the opposite end of future negotiation tables are the to-be free agents who are already contemplating where they will go once their contracts expire, so much so that some may shut things down and call it a campaign before Week 17 arrives. Heck, arguably the best running back in the business today decided to take all of 2018 off rather than play for less than what he feels he deserves. That running back will probably be the biggest name to hit free agency Max Scharping Jersey , and odds are he will be signed fast once his rights become available to the highest bidder. Not all of the players looking to put pen to paper on new contracts in March will be so fortunate. As we saw during 2018, one noteworthy famous wide receiver was left in free agency for months and months until he was provided with a chance to perform, but his season ended before it really began because of an injury setback. A similar scenario could play out in 2019 for that same man depending on how he recovers heading into the summer.


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