Your new life starts here

Money is fundamental

Money is something that makes you feel good. Slimetology shows you the way. You just have to tread on it

Everyone has a home

Centralia, the capital of Slimetology, offers enough space for everyone. You just have to take it

Be part of the success

The success of Centralia is also your success. Slimetology offers you success on a silver tray. You just have to grab it

All together

Working together means growing together. Slimetology is a family where everyone cares about everyone. We shake hands, you just have to grab them

One way one goal

Slimetology is a guidepost on your way to a new life. we go this way together. Your old life is behind you. Your success is waiting

Continous growing

Slimetology and especially Centralia is growing, getting bigger and stronger. Each member contributes to it. Be a part of it and keep developing

Slimetology Dress Code

Cohesion and belonging are important foundations for the success of Slimetology. Wearing the uniform strengthens these feelings and shows strangers where they belong.

Slimetology Skin Download

Wearing the clothes is mandatory for all members. However, it is allowed to adjust the head of the skin according to his wishes. In addition, no changes are allowed.

Achievements of Slimetology

Citadel of Goldwacht
Citadel - Great Hall
Centralia - Capital City of Slimetology
Citadel - Great Hall